Our Values

As company founders, we have sought to weave a corporate narrative that reflects our core values.

These values derive from a group of individuals and friends who have become a “family”.

We believe in the alchemy of the Hemp plant and its potential to help heal the planet.

We also believe that by doing good you can do well.

By embracing these values in an authentic and honest way – we impact our products, our culture, our community and our planet.


Elevating hemp to effectuate a better, healthier and more sustainable world.

Prioritizing sustainability

A single acre of industrial hemp sequesters more carbon than an acre of rainforest and can produce massive amounts of food, fuel, industrial fibers, and meta-materials.

Setting a high bar

Leading with integrity, honesty, and transparency, Santa Fe Farms is committed to fair and honest business practices elevating our people to their highest standards.


We are an inclusive company welcoming all who share in our mission.

Need we say more?


Optimism is our only disposition.
Good ultimately predominates over negative in the world.
We believe we can make the existing world the best of all possible worlds.

Giving back

By doing good, we do well.

Embracing EQ

We listen more than we speak;
we communicate effectively;
we empathize with others;
we hear you.


We take 100% responsibility for our actions. We uphold our reputation with the utmost vigor.

Maintaining a curious mind

Questions spark curiosity, curiosity creates ideas and ideas lead to innovation.

We investigate the world around us.


Hemp has transformational properties that promote health and wellness in humans and other mammals.


We have fun, laugh, and create while building our Hempire.


We are grateful.
and we count our lucky stars!