Beginning in Indian country (presently 574 tribes in the US), and with a first factory scheduled to be part of our Albuquerque Processing Campus, STAR Building System’s (“SBS”) vision is to bring an alternative, sustainable hemp-based building system to market that would be: (i) lower cost; (ii) quicker and easier to build; and (iii) far better for the planet than traditional timber-frame construction. 

Sustainable and Regenerative Development and Design: Hundreds of cities have committed to net-zero carbon emissions in all new buildings by 2030 – but the existing systems cannot support this vision, and this is where our technology comes to the forefront. Our technology can not only meet these objectives but improve all aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) using hyper-local sustainable economics and providing full life-cycle support for low-cost housing, jobs and agriculture (soil improvement) all through a sustainable CO2 negative building system.

Using Hemp from our Farm Partners Program and working with COTA Holdings to initially focus on housing on First Nations land and also on Mesa del Sol (home of our first factory and currently the largest urban redevelopment program in the U.S. zoned for 35,000 new housing units and owned by one of our investors), not only can this technology enhance the environment through superior carbon sequestration (rather than degrade it through deforestation) but it will create jobs and deliver on the promise of sustainable development.