Our Products Division is exploring hemp-based opportunities in the following sectors: health and wellness, nutritional products (both animal and human), pulp and paper, packaging, animal bedding, bioplastics, building products and regenerative carbons such as biochar that continue to sequester carbon beyond the growth lifecycle of hemp.

As an example, Santa Fe Farms’ approach to health and wellness products is to supply high-quality biomass to existing cannabinoid enterprises through our national partnerships as well as white label products –“Seeded by Santa Fe Farms”. (Took out last sentence)
As another example, beginning in Indian country (presently 574 tribes in the US), Products’ mission is to bring an alternative, sustainable hemp-based building system to market that would be: lower cost; quicker and easier to build; and far better for the planet than traditional timber-frame construction.

Using Hemp from our Farm Partners Program and working with COTA Holdings to initially focus on housing on Indian Country land, not only can we provide housing but additionally enhance the environment through superior carbon sequestration (rather than degrade it through deforestation) but it will create jobs and deliver on the promise of sustainable development.