Santa Fe Farms’ Genetics produces best-in-class hemp cultivars with proven compliance, feminization, and cannabinoid levels. Understanding the risk associated with farming, our seeds are backed up with customer service, and each of our seed varietals are tested on our farms prior to selling them to our customers.

Santa Fe Farms’ genetics and seeds are farm-proven with average feminization rates over 99.98% and germination rates well above 95% in most cases. Hemp is revitalizing agriculture, turbo-charging business, improving health, and delivering life-changing returns for farmers. Santa Fe Farms’ CBD and CBG cultivars have a five-year track record of field performance. From improved auto flower lines to original genetics and CBG varietals, we are constantly developing and releasing innovative new cannabinoid and industrial strains. All of Santa Fe Farms’ seed varietals are proven performers, produced with high yield harvest in mind. 

In addition to our continuing our cannabinoid-based R&D efforts, we are now in the advanced stages in industrial and hybrid “tri-crop” development and expect to be introducing new cultivars to the market in 2021 -2022. Furthermore, with our partners Agribiotechnologia de Costa Rica (ABT) we will develop and produce seeds and seedlings “customized” to select microclimates in both North and South America. ABT expects to provide both seeds and seedlings for export, as well as for domestic use in Costa Rica, within a short period of time.