Every one of our companies has a hand-picked team of dedicated, talented, innovative and creative experts striving for excellence in their respective areas. This team includes agricultural specialists; leaders in global supply chain management; experts in processing and extraction; marketing, branding and sales wizards, and tech and platform-building gurus. All business operations are overseen by Steven Gluckstern, Ed.D., MBA, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Santa Fe Farms, who has over 30 years business experience ranging from founding start-ups to managing multibillion-dollar corporations. He has previously served as CEO and as Chairman and Board Member of both public (NYSE) and numerous private companies and non-profit organizations. Under his direction, each sector of Santa Fe Farms is synergistically connected creating an unparalleled enterprise in the Hemp Industry.

Jeff Apodaca

Vice Chairman, Board of Directors

Deanna Byck

Chief of Staff,  Santa Fe Farms
Member, Board of Directors

Gary Chavez

Member, Board of Directors

Isaac Cohen

CIO, Santa Fe Farms
Member, Board of Directors

Brando Crespi

Chief Sustainability Officer, Santa Fe Farms

Cole Daeschel

Member, Board of Directors

Zhabiz Edwards

CFO, Santa Fe Farms

Roger Fragua

Director of Indigenous Affairs, Santa Fe Farms

Steven Gluckstern

CEO, Santa Fe Farms
Chair Board of Directors

Ron Guzman

Member, Board of Directors

Pamela Hanratty

Chief Investor Relations Officer, Santa Fe Farms

Ben Leonard

General Counsel, Santa Fe Farms

Rick Schawelson

Member, Board of Directors

Clayton Turner

Visionary, Santa Fe Farms

Adrian Zelski

Member, Board of Directors