Advanced Carbons

Imagined Carbons

Advanced Carbons is developing breakthrough hemp-based products including both technical materials like graphene and bioplastics and soil regeneration systems integrating biochar with microalgae, bacteria, and fungi. Advanced Carbons is also working on commercializing innovations in hemp products in more established areas including agriculture, building materials, paper and packaging, and textiles.

Regenerative Carbons

All of our Advanced Carbons operations will be based at a state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility. Santa Fe Farms is currently negotiating the purchase of an existing 240,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Mexico. [SC2] This facility will be upgraded to a Regenerative Refinery with multiple production lines manufacturing a wide range of high value hemp products and high-temperature pyrolysis equipment stabilizing remaining hemp agricultural waste into biochar. Advanced Carbons will support the optimization of agricultural science, engineering, and economics in Regenerative Refineries – designed for local conditions – to ensure they become a profitable, scalable flywheel for regenerating land.

Digital Carbons

In the soil, hemp provides two to three times the soil carbon sequestration potential of forests. When harvested, hemp can be stabilized into building materials, biochar, and other forms that can safely lock up carbon for over 100 years. Soil carbon sequestration and hemp stabilization can each qualify for valuable carbon credits, with each credit equivalent to a one-ton reduction in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. By leveraging the powerful carbon sequestration properties of hemp, Santa Fe Farms is in a unique position to help our farmers and customers claim carbon credits and access “carbon finance” funding for their activities.

Advanced Carbons, along with our technology partners[SC3] , is developing digital protocols to transparently monitor activities from field to processing to ensure strongly verified credits are sold to the most appropriate voluntary carbon markets. For Santa Fe Farms, credits are tied to “nature-based solutions” – regenerative agriculture in our case – which already command a significant premium due to their many co-benefits like soil restoration, water retention, biodiversity, and climate resilience.