About Us

Santa Fe Farms has positioned itself to become a preeminent regional (New Mexico and Colorado), national and international leader in the development, production, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution of THC free hemp-based phyto-cannabinoids as well as the vast range of other important hemp products, both chemical (i.e. Advanced Carbons) and industrial (i.e. Building Products and Systems.) Furthermore, by incorporating regenerative farming practices on our own farms and encouraging the farmers we work with to do the same as standard operating practice, we are poised to become a leader in environmental sustainability within the Hemp Industry ecosystem with the goal of leaving a negative carbon footprint.

The story of Santa Fe Farms originated with a single 250-acre farm cultivated by multi- generational farmers, but has quickly grown into an international enterprise that reflects all aspects of the emerging Hemp Industry from: seed genetics…to proprietary cultivation…to farm partnerships…to botanical extraction and processing…to retail and industrial product development (focusing on: (i) a range of Cannabinoids and Terpenes; (ii) versatile Advanced Carbons and; innovative Building Products and Systems)…to international industrial consulting and procurement…to an innovative blockchain-based supply chain management software platform.

As a reflection of our values, we have been working with local Santa Fe artist Joel Nakamura to create a logo and a series of original art as seen within this presentation to embrace the story of Santa Fe Farms. The symbolism of the Snake is rebirth, transformation, immortality, healing and continual renewal of life. The modern interpretation is “healing opportunities, change, important transitions, and manifestation of increased energy”. As for the White Buffalo, it is an omen of unity, hope, and positive transformation, good health, strength and stamina, abundance and determination.

It is powerfully connected to life force and primal energy and is a sign of hope and an indication of good times to come. As for the “Lucky Star”, the family name of our Founder, Chairman & CEO and Founder (Gluckstern) translated from German literally means exactly that. These are our Joel Nakamura inspired “marks” that you will begin seeing on all Santa Fe Farms endeavors. Our story is as rich as our New Mexico soil, and our potential as a company is as expansive as our dreams.