Sustainability is our mission. Carbon is our focus.
Indian Country is our partner.
Hemp is our vehicle.

Sustainability is our mission.
Carbon is our focus.
Indian Country is our partner.
Hemp is our vehicle.


Everything we do begins with the seed of an idea.

From genetics to farming to partnerships across the country and around the globe, we have germinated a single idea into an entire ecosystem generating efficiencies and harvesting the brightest individuals along the way.

At Santa Fe Farms, we plant ideas, we cultivate innovation, and we grow businesses.

High Grade Hemp Seed
Unmatched genetics with a five-year track record of field performance. From improved auto flower lines to original genetics and CBG varietals, we are constantly developing and releasing innovative new cannabinoid and industrial strains.

Santa Fe Cultivators
On our demonstration farms, we grow hemp wherever possible with organic and sustainable farming practices, and are committed to applications that enhance and preserve the environment with knowledge and expertise that we believe puts us seasons ahead of our competition.

Center Pivot Group
CPG improves financial outcomes by connecting farm operations and sourcing in one modern platform, we help companies operate more intelligently, efficiently, and more profitably.


It’s not easy to transform the world, but it’s not going to stop us from trying.

Transformation begins the minute we harvest our hemp products, and, we are turning them into things that will change the nature of health, science, technology, housing and our climate.

Hemp Processing and Licensing Company
HPLC is company designed to provide solutions for processing and extraction by working with Hemp cultivators and other market participants in the design and construction of their own processing and extraction facilities.

New Mexico STAR
We expect to soon begin construction of an ecologically and economically efficient 50,000 lbs./day extractor/processor/manufacturer – making it one of the largest such endeavors in the United States.

STAR Industrial Products
Beginning in Indian country (presently 574 tribes in the US), STAR Building System’s mission is to bring an alternative, sustainable hemp-based building system to market that would be: lower cost; quicker and easier to build; and far better for the planet than traditional timber-frame construction.


It’s a big deal. For us, impact means measurable sustainability.

It’s about defining the industry through thought leadership and policy change. It’s about “carbon-sequestering” housing, regenerative farming practices, and the use of biochar. It’s about IQ, to EQ to “CQ” (a carbon score that will eventually go on every product we sell.)

It’s also about developing partnerships for job creation and driving human capacity. Our commitment to giving back is at the heart of everything we do.

Rio Grande Analytics
Rio Grande Analytics is a New Mexico Department of Health approved medical cannabis and hemp testing laboratory. Santa Fe Farms believes that the analytical testing business is poised to expand dramatically as both hemp and legalized recreational marijuana use continues to grow in the U.S.

Santa Fe Brands
Santa Fe Brands inspires modern Hemp consumers through education and elevating the hemp market with artisan, scientifically tested and provocative user-based products, and national partnerships.